From Brain Networks to Cognitive Function

Olaf Sporns was asked to organize a symposium on networks for the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science 2013 and invited four of us to present our work: Paul Laurienti, Barry Horwitz, Randy McInstosh, and I. Lots of parallel sessions, so the room was somewhat small, but I believe it went well.

I described the work that I’ve done with Michael Anderson and more recently with Lucina Uddin (together with Josh Kinnison from my lab). Here are the slides:APS 2013

One part that I like is the possibility of characterizing the multidimensional functional fingerprint of a brain network — not a region.

network fingerprint

Fingerprint of the “attention network”.

Down with “centers” (= brain areas)

Great Opinion paper by Marlene Berhmann and David Plaut on “face” and “word” processing. The upshot is that we should understand these as distributes circuits, not in terms of circumscribed centers as they state in the title.

Behrmann, M., & Plaut, D. C. (2013). Distributed circuits, not circumscribed centers, mediate visual recognition. Trends in cognitive sciences, 17(5), 210-219.